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Please where I can found documentation for remote programming. 
Specific parameters for unit  TMT250 we need  info for accelerator setting , man down.
Also please  share documentation for send commands via socket  not SMS (simcards don have sms available)

Kind Regards

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Thank you for your question,

Device can be remotely configured by uploading a configuration via FotaWeb platform, more information on this can be found in our wiki:

If you wish to configure specific parameters this can be done using SMS/GPRS commands,

The list of commands and the description can be found in link:

To setup parameters use the command "setparam"

TMT parameter ID list can be found here:

To set up device using GPRS commands you must use CODEC12 protocol.

This means you have to have a link with a device and send a specific "setparam 'parameterID' value" command in hexadecimal.

Please see the information / examples on CODEC12 commands here:

Hope this helps,