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i have a RUT240 with the following Software:

Router model Teltonika RUT240 LTE

Firmware version RUT2XX_R_00.01.06.1

Kernel version 3.18.44

Bootloader version 3.1.0

When I try to Scan for WAN Failover WIFI Networks , i see only Networks which not more than about 1m away from router. All other available Networks will not be seen.

Is there a posibility to set some values for better receiving of WLANs.

We need this feature, because we want to use this router in busses who wants to send counter - Data via WLAN when they are arriving in the bus - depot, where they can receive WLAN. For that reson we need a greater range for the WIFI - Client in the router.

Do you have any Ideas what we can do.

Thanks in advance

Best regards

Jochen Söhngen 

Hi there,

Any solution to this issue?

We face the same problem with our RUT240. WiFi scan does not detect any AP more than a meter away. A laptop beside the RUT240 detects over a dozen WiFi networks with full signal strength.

The antenna is installed correctly, and we have tried fresh install of firmware (without saving settings).

I'd appreciate any help!

Pranay Krishen

Device: RUT240
Firmware version: RUT2XX_R_00.01.10
Kernel version: 3.18.44
Bootloader version: 3.1.0

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Did you used correct Wifi antenna?

What is the distance of wifi coverage when router works in AP mode?

thanks for your fast reply.

I am using the WIFI antenna which was shipped by the router.

If we use the router as an access point the range is ok. It is about 15-20m.


Jochen Söhngen
I tried to reproduce but seems working correctly.

Please try to reinstall router firmware.

DO NOT keep settings when flashing!