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Is it possible, please, to receive the RPC code of my GH3000?

I would like to use it again, but I lost the configuration code.

I have the serial number of my device and the IMEI number.

My French dealer (www.geotraceur.fr) tells me he can not provide me anymore.

Do you have the opportunity, as you are the manufacturer?

If not who to talk to? I find myself stuck. :-(

Thank you.

A formal request will be made again this day by Geotraceur.fr concerning my request for code RPC for my GH3000.

I hope it will be heard by Teltonika's technical support.


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Thank you for you question.
Your GH3000 dealer should contact Teltonika in order for us to confirm that this specific device belongs to you.
RPC's can't be provided in this Crowd forum, since as mentioned previously, it is required to identify the owner of the device, before giving out the RPC.


thank you very much for your answer.

Even if I provide you with my French purchase invoice, it is totally impossible for you? Cordially.
Hello again,

Unfortunately, it is not possible to solve this issue via forums. You should inform your dealer about this.
Crowd forum is just a place for consultation and discussions only. Specific services for individual clients are not being processed in here.


Thanks again.

I will try to press the French support of my dealer.

 In the hope that he will listen to me.