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Hello again,

I'm trying to maximize TMT250 operating time by minimizing its power consumption. Therefore I would like to combine Low power mode of GNSS module with ultra deep sleep mode when TMT250 is on stop.

But tooltip of configurator for low power power saving mode says: "Battery saving mod where GNSS module is woken up only when it is time to acquire position. Standard sleep modes are not available in this mode. ...". So when turning on low power mode the sleep modes vanish in the configurator.

Does this mean ultra deep sleep mode can't be activated if low power mode of GNSS module is activated?

What is the sleep mode in this case if the TMT250 is in stop mode?

Will future configurator / FW versions be able to enable the combination of low power GNSS mode and ultra deep sleep mode?



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Thank you for your question.

You are correct. When low power mode is enabled, all sleep modes are deactivated and cannot be enabled.
Low power mode works something similar like online deep sleep mode. Below, you will find some power consumption statistics when the device is not searching for coordinates and not sending any data:

1. When low power mode is enabled and the device is moving, the consumption is approximately 7,2 mA.
2. When low power mode is enabled and the device is not moving, the consumption is similar to online deep sleep consumption - approximately 4,2 mA.

If we would look to the future - unfortunately, the combination of low power mode and ultra deep sleep mode is not planned to be implemented.
If you would like such feature to be developed, please contact your sales manager for more information about additional functionality development.

Teltonika Support
Could you explain why when is moving the consumption is 3mA more than on stop? If I'm not wrong, the device acquisition interval is based on time, and if stop and moving configuration values are the same, the consumption should be the same. Moreover, to try to optimize the battery life, could you offer the configuration that allows a 7,2mA consumption in moving situations with low power mode enabled?

Thank you in advance.