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we have a TMT250 and we want to get an SMS in case of Man Down scenario.

The simple case is working fine, however we want that the operator is able to prevent the sms alert if he is in horrizontal position but he is ok.
I've checked "user interface" page and I'm able to make the device blink and vibrating before the alert is send.

In "Keyboard" page I've set up "Man-Down off" if a button (power or Alarm button) is pressed but something is not working fine... the sms alert is not sent but the device keep blinking and vibrating...

Is this the correct way to achieve what I'm looking for?

2 Answers

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I've made a few other tests. It seems that is not possible to achieve what I'm looking for. There's no "is all ok" feature on the device.

I hope someone from Teltonika can confirm/deny this.

We are an integrator for Teltonika devices and can setup your usecase on our backend. We can create whatever alert you want to send, sms, phonecall, phone caroussel, push message to phone, break of/stop alarm by pressing the alarm buttom 2 times.

Please let me know what you like and we can build it for you.

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We have tried to recreate similar situation with 03.21.03 firmware version.
What we have done:
1. Features tab -> enabled ManDown scenario, set the position to Horizontal, Angle(deg):60, Timeout(s): 3, Send SMS To: *number*.
2. Keyboard tab -> Alarm Button -> set 1 click to "Man-Down On", 2 clicks to "Man-Down Off".

What did we achieve:
1. We get an SMS notification when the device changes it's angle by 60 degrees, SMS content: "ManDown val: 1".
2. We get an SMS notification when the device changes it's angle back to normal position, SMS content: "ManDown val: 0".
3. After clicking the Alarm Button 2 times, we were able to change the device angle without any SMS notifications.
4. After clicking the Alarm Button 1 time, Man-Down mode was enabled again and we started receiving SMS notifications again.

Hope this fulfills your desires as requested. Also, upvote the answer if it provided a solution to your request.

Teltonika Support

Hi, thanks for your kind reply.

What you are saying is correct, I can make this also with latest firmware relase. However my need is a little different: I want that the operator is noticed that an SMS will soon be sent and if he is ok he can prevent that the event is triggered.

For example: the operator is ok, laying down for vehicle maintenance, the TMT250 vibrate for few seconds (made this in User Interface > Pre Alarm), the operator press a button (eg: 2-click Alarm button) and the alert SMS is not sent (maybe until the situation returns to the same scenario or for a period of time).

At the moment I have a configuration similar to yours, but if the operator click 2 times the Alarm button after the situation is already in "Pre Alarm" it persist in Pre-Alarm until the Man-Down mode is reactivated and the situation is normal (device is in normal position). This is a little strante to me.

Our need is to prevent a flase positive scenario. Is it possible with actual firmware?