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I have configured TST100 to hold the connection to the server using the "permanent link" parameter so that the server can send commands. But when the device sends an IMEI and the server sends a 0x01 response, the device sends AVL data and then disconnects from the server. If you send a command instead of 0x01, the device sends a response, but this way the devices stops sending AVL data (and disconnects after timeout).

Is there a way to receive AVL data and send commands at the same time without breaking the connection?

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Hello !

The best feature for you is the permanent link. Try to set 1sec Network Ping Timeout and do test again.

If the problem remains, then you should get the log-file from the device during the test, config file and provide us via your sales manager or VIP Helpdesk.


Also, check and update FW version: https://wiki.teltonika-mobility.com/view/TST100_Stable_firmware

Best regards.

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Thank you, firmware update solved the problem.

Yeah that helped me getting capture logs on my site, thanks a lot.