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I want to send position and battery level on an MTM 250, on movement . With GPRS all goes ok, but when i try to test on SMS ( GPRS disable) , do not send battery level , on any event.  It´s specifically defined on I/O , monitoring , and SMS number.

thank you in advance.

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Hello !

Information about SMS Data sending you can find at our Wiki knowledge base.

Also, you can request position via SMS-command ggps for IO elements you can use readio #

All information about SMS-coomands and SMS-structure you can find here:https://wiki.teltonika-mobility.com/view/TMT250_SMS/GPRS_Commands

If you wanna more detail information, you should contact to your sales manager or VIP Helpdesk system.

Regards, Valery


Ok, thats righy, but we need to know how to do  that the device do it automatically , if we define an " % battery level change" on i/o it sends a message on that event , but if we put on "monitioring" and  turn off the GPRS , the position messages arrives with no battery level ( if we activate GPRS, on GPRS , send the battery level correctly ), we suppouse that we are not understanding the global processing of events  or how the device , process the different status of AVL messages , global message vs Event, could you help us or link to a document where expalined it.

Thank you in advance.