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We want to use TFT-100 to read Battery Management data and send it together with the GPS data of the module itself, so we can perform battery analytics on the data coming from our Electric motorbike.
however, the current BMS we are using is communicating over RS485. i found ways to enter custom protocols for CAN, but not for RS485.
do you need to provide a custom RS485 protocol which is compatible with our Escooter? Is this always a new protocol which is available for all Teltonika users, or is it possible to get our own firmware version for it? Our protocol is similar to SOCO as explained here, https://wiki.teltonika-mobility.com/view/Template:AVL_ID_List_-_RS485_communication_I/O_elements   but still different.

feel free to reach out to jonas@africandrive.be. Do you have a paying service with consultants who work for Teltonika who can support during debug?

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If you have a TFT100 RS485 modification, then you can get information from an external device using the TCP link mode.

TFT100 has to be connected to the external device through RS232 or RS485. Any string of data coming to RS232 or RS485 will be routed to the server (if link is currently active). Messages that are exchanged between the device and server, have to be packed in Codec.12 format.

The detail information about mode, you can find at link: https://wiki.teltonika-mobility.com/view/Testing_TCP_link_mode_with_RS232_and_RS485

Best regards.