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In the TFT100 wiki pages, we can read that devices can connect by Bluetooth and send GPRS commands over the Bluetooth connection, as for example 'getio', that gives the status of inputs and outputs connected to the TFT100 module.

This communication works with Codec-12, but works only when the TFT100 is connected with the server.

Why is this made like that? I only want to transfer the input/output statusses from the TFT100 module towards the device connected by bluetooth. We do not need information from the server in that way?

It is even strange: the server will have to get the information from input/output channels to produce the answer on this command.

 Is the connection with the server avoidable?


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Unfortunately, TFT100 device cannot send data to other external devices via Bluetooth if this data is not a command as well as if this data is a command but it is known and supported by the TFT100 device.

The Data Link Mode operation:

1. If TFT100 receives an unknown Codec-12 message from the server, for instance, when device does not support this exact command, then this message should be passed to the external connected device via Bluetooth.

2. And also, if TFT100 receives an unknown Codec-12 message from the external device via Bluetooth and this message is not supported by the TFT100, it should pass this message directly to the server.

For this moment, this mode might not work properly because it has not been fully tested due to the lack of interest from our clients.

Kind regards,

Hello Irmantas,

I tested profondly, but I think that no messages are passed to the server by an TFT-100 module at all at the moment.

I was able to get the state of the DI's and AI's with the command @sms_run:getio. Then I get this answer:

DI1:1 DI3:1 DI:4:1 AI1:25124 AI2: 24973 DO1:0 DO2:0

The  DI2 is missing in this line. Do you have an idea why?

The command @sms_run:readio 2 does not work: all the answers you get for the AVL's related with DI's and AI's provide a '0' as an answer.

Do you have an idea whether Teltonika will further develop this kind of communication over Bluetooth?

Thanks for your help,