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Currently, the deep sleep mode can be exited only by movement and by pressing alarm button. This is not very flexible. In my scenario I want the device to wake up every couple of hours (both GSM and GNSS modules), report its location, and then go to sleep for another couple of hours. Is there anything like this provided by your other devices (not TMT250)?

Hello volo,

TMT250 and GH5200 devices wake up every time to send periodic records. For example, if you set in the Data Acquisition tab -> Min saving period and send period to 60sec., the device will wake up not only from the movement or button click, but it also wakes up every hour to generate/send a record.

Also, in the link below at the bottom of the page is an attached table of Sleep Modes. Only during the Ultra-deep sleep device is not able to send periodic data.



Hi Veronika.T,

Thanks for the explanation. It really helped. I'm new to the Teltonika devices and while it might seem like an obvious thing I didn't realize it until you pointed me at it. There is no mentioning about Data Acquisition and Sleep Mode relation on this page. And the Sleep modes page only states that

TMT250 exits deep sleep mode if following condition is true:

  • Movement by accelerometer is detected;

Yes, I saw that "Periodic data transmission" column in the Sleep Modes Table but again it was unclear what it meant.

It looks like that the documentation is incomplete but for the rest the device is great.

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hope someone can explain more detail.


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Hello Vovo,

Thank you for your note. We will look into our documentation and fix the flaws.
If you will have more notes regarding the Teltoika page let us know.

Best regards,
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hope someone can provide more detail. bike race