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I have several TFT100 devices installed on forklifts with the immobilizer scenario, however, it seems that the DOUT1 output has an current greater than 300mA and sends a pulse every 5 minutes that causes the forklift to shut down.

Do you know if there is an option to disable this function or an option to reduce the amperage that is presented in the DOUT1 output?


After performing various tests, we concluded that the problem is not the DOUT current.

We return the firmware to version FMB.Ver.55.00.14.Rev.00.e.xim. 

With this, the vehicles suddenly stopped turning off.

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I have the same question.

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I would like to inform you that TFT100 does not have an option to reduce the DOUT current.

TFT100 has a maximum DOUT current rating of 300 mA.

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