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I want to use TFT100 UART to monitoring the scooter.  When I connected the RX and TX cables to controller, it shows in Teltonika config that the scooter has 170% battery.  

How could i solve this problem?

Please let me know whether the E-scooter configurator's I/O tab displays a figure similar to this one for the battery %. And, have you verified the exact battery percentages that are being sent to the cloud? If you haven't already, send records with this I/O parameter by setting its priority to Low or High. If you could tell me what version of firmware your TFT100 device is running, that would be great.

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I would like to know if you see this battery percentage value exactly in the E-scooter I/O tab of the configurator.

Also, have you checked what battery percentage values are sent to the server? If you have not, please change the priority of this I/O parameter to Low or High to include it in the sent records.

Moreover, I would appreciate it if you could specify the firmware version of your TFT100 device.

Additionally, have you tried connecting your device to another e-scooter if you have more of them?

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A very meaningful event, I hope everything will go well fnaf