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Hi, how to configure the TMT250 to record trip start/end? or at least to send an event when stopped?
If I understand correctly the device should send an IO id =250, but can't get the device to send that

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For testing purposes, trip feature could be configured like this: 

Firstly, you need to set at least Low priority for Scenario Settings.

Then configure the Start speed to be for example 1 km/h which is the minimum speed that is needed to detect Trip Start if device is moving.

Movement OFF Timeout (s) is used to determine after what period of time Trip Stop is detected when device is not moving. You could leave it as set by default (60 seconds).

You could also configure the device to send SMS messages regarding Trip Start/Stop indications. To do that, firstly you have to add your phone number in SMS \ Call Settings -> GSM Predefined Numbers tab and then select it in Trip Settings -> Send SMS to.

You will receive the indication of Trip Start/Stop as AVL ID 250 to the server or as SMS messages with such values:

0 - trip stop

1 - trip start.

Please note that device speed is measured using GNSS satellites. Therefore a valid GNSS fix must be obtained (satellites must be visible). Otherwise, the Trip feature will not work.

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