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i installed a FMB140 (with All-CAN config) with the CAN Lines to a DAF CF truck. I have set the CAN Program Number to 11465, saved config to device, load config to device and under "CAN Adapter -> Program number" i can see the 11465. Everything is working as expected.

Now i want to install it to a Fendt 826. Therefore i need to set the Program Number to 13148 or 12736. But if i do the above procedure, i always get the old Program Number. So the adapter is not accepting the new number.
I connected CAN1 to ISO Bus. I can also read the RPM of the engine. So communication is OK.

Does someone know, whats wrong?

In the Fendt tractor there is a ISO, K- and V- Bus. The FMB140 got 2 CAN interfaces. Can i connect CAN2 to K or V Bus to get more information?

Thanks in advance.

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Your request is related to FM devices. Please visit our colleagues in another forum:

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