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Hi there,

I have three "BLUE COIN ID" BLE beacons that I would like to activate / configure. However, they cannot be detected by the "Device Manager Mobile" app via NFC. Since this seems to be step 0, I cannot use the beacons at all now as they are not detectable via bluetooth yet.

I have tried scanning and configuring the sensors via the app "Device Manager Mobile" by ELA both on iOS (iPhone XS, that has NFC) and on Android (Samsung Galaxy S8, also has NFC). The sensors seem not to be detectable. They also do not show up on a different NFC scanner app from another provider.

Is there anything else I can try to enable / configure the sensors or are they faulty?

Thanks ahead!

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Can the beacons be detected using the Device Manager Mobile application via Bluetooth? If not, the beacon battery could be depleted or they are faulty.

Best regards