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Hi, I have a teltonika TFT100 device that I am trying to integrate into a product and I need to configure it using CAN protocol from a microcontroller. example configurations are the data to send to the server, geofence activation deactivation, changing geofence radius etc...

Basically, I want to be able to configure all the parameters I can change in the configurator tool but just with the CAN protocol. Is that possible or not?


I'm attempting to use CAN protocol from a microcontroller to set up a teltonika TFT100 device for use in a product. Some common settings include configuring what information is sent to the server, turning on and off geofences, adjusting the distance between them, and so on.

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Hello aymen

Hope you are doing well!

CAN protocol is a way to communicate with the CAN bus (Controller Area Network), find information about the CAN bus in the following link https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CAN_bus

We use CAN protocol to interact  with CAN parameters in the vehicles where the CAN bus exists,

Therefore, We can't configure a device through CAN protocol, In another hand, we can do the configuration over the air by using FOTA web, Or by sending SMS/GPRS commands,