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1. Factory reset GH5200 and formatted device filesystem using current 1.6.11_R.30 configurator listed on stable firmware page.

2. Updated firmware from 55.01.02.Rev.01* (Non Proximity fw) to 55.01.02.Rev.200 (proximity fw) using 1.6.11_R.30 configurator (1.5.15_C.232 would not connect to device)

3. Device successfully updated to 55.01.02.Rev.200 (proximity fw) and default proximity configuration file applied (using 1.6.11_R.30 configurator)

I still cannot connect to the device using the 1.5.15_C.232 configurator to configure the proximity based features.

1.5.15_C.232 logs


Warm regards

Hello TTevor,

Could you please describe what will happen if you hit a double click on the configurator icon and attach a snapshot of the issue?

Warm regards!

1 Answer

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device was successfully upgraded to firmware version 55.01.02.Rev.200 (proximity fw), and the default configuration file for proximity was applied (using configurator version 1.6.11 R.30).