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Hello, companions.
I want to keep a TFT100 alive for at least 3 weeks without external power. For this I want to use ultra sleep, but I would like it to wake up on its own every n hours (for example 12h) and send a valid position, returning to deep sleep, as long as there is no movement. In this way, to achieve that longevity, once it receives power, it will already use the usual configurations. I don't know if that option exists and how to combine it with ultra sleep. Thank you.

I think it's quite difficult to maintain it for such a long time words from letters

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Reading carefully TFT100 configuration guide, Data Acquisition Configuration has no influence under Ultra Sleep Mode, so it won't wake up periodically (after n hours) as you intended. It only wakes up when device detects movement by accelerometer or when it detects ignition by DIN1, or any other suitable signal connected to the input 1.

Maybe you could test Deep Sleep Mode that shold almost meet your requirement: declared consumption is 3.9mA·h so 1800mA·h battery would last 19 days...