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I'm using Teltonika TFT100.
I need to switch on the scooter ignition by sending SMS "  setdigout 1 ?" and I got this in configurator I/O info:

But when I check the voltage on DOUT1 pin, the voltage is 0V.

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Hello Faris,

Thank you for your question.

The Digital outputs on the TFT100 work as Open Collector, when the Dout is enabled (Dout = 1) it is connected to GND.

When the Dout is disabled (Dout = 0) it is an open circuit.

In the next link, you can get a scheme connection of a digital output to control a relay.

For more information about Open Collector please check the next link.

Best regards.
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Thank you for the answer Luis,

Do u have this explanation on the TFT100 site?