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The connection established between TFT100 and my server. I want to send data which cames from bluetooth to server. I try use the "Auto Connect to External Device" with "Data Link" mode. I saw datas which i sent bluetooth client on log terminal. Altough, The TFT100 be able to send Codec 8 and Codec 12 datas to the server, does not send data came from Bluetooth.

It says command not found for the messages I send via Bluetooth in the terminal. In order to send data from Bluetooth to the server via codec 12, should data be sent with a certain structure?

Terminal screen shot is below.

Configurator screen shot is below.

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Unfortunately, there is no such "hello world" command. You can send SMS/ GPRS commands to make changes to the configuration of the device or get information from the device. For example @sms_run:getinfo. However, you are not able to communicate with the server via terminal.

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