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Hi, I'm trying to find a way to move a Device from a parent Company into a Child company without un-reg and re-reg.

is this possible?

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Yes, it is possible. Firstly you need to select the device that you want to move, it can be done in the Devices tab, by typing the device's IMEI address. If you find your device in the list - select it and press the Move button at the top. After the Move button is pressed - a table should appear, where you can select the company to which you want to move the device. If you want to move more than one device at the same time - a CVS file should be created with the list of devices IMEIs that should be moved. Only the users that are invited to the company can move the devices.

Best regards

Where should this "Move" button be?
I can't find a button in the Device tab which is called Move or similar.
Also when searching the page there are no hits.
We are also supposed to move devices from the "1st level company" to the "2st level company" and unfortunately we can't find any further information about it.

Thanks for the feedback