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When pressing the alarm button, the device won't send anything to server, i suppose because it has no GPS fix.

If i enable sending without TS , the device sends alarm, but is located by default in 0 , 0 , i need to receive last position instead.

I would like to receive the last known position (not time since last known position fix) even if the device doesn't have a gps fix. How could it be done?

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Hello Valentin,

If you want to receive records with the last known position, the device would firstly need to get GNSS fix. And only then will be able to send records with the last known position.
To get a GNSS fix you will need to leave the device outside for some time. When the device gets a GNSS fix and when you put the device in an enclosed space device will send records with the last known position.

Last known position feature affects Alarm, Mandown, Movement event and AmberAlert features. If the last good coordinate at the time the record is created is older than 60s, then the new high priority record AVL 69 will be sent immediately after GNSS fix appears. No matter how many different records have been created when there was no GNSS fix, only one high priority AVL 69 record will be created when GNSS fix appears.

Best regards,
The problem is that it jumps 5000 km when activated without GNSS fix , to  be able to use the alarm button inside. I think it's not ok to loose alarm/panic button because of GNSS fix .

There is no AGPS feature? Thanks