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in Smart Autonomous Solutions by

we are using Teltonika TFT100 with BLE sensor BTSMP1 to read magnetic input  (on/off).  As far as I understand minimum interval between two consecutive reading of state is limited by 'Ble scan start period' setting which is 30s minimum.

Hence when magnet is on the car door, we can not guarantie detection of opening door for time shorter than 30s (most of the cases).

Is there way how to set up shorter interval or handle this problem with some 'event like' aproach?

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Hello Marek,

Unfortunately, in our devices lower than 30 sec "Ble scan start period" cannot be set. Also, BTSMP1 device broadcasts the state of a magnet (1 or 0), however, the magnet event counter is not included in the BTSMP1 which would count how many times the magnet was attached to the sensor. In the future, such feature will be implemented.

Best regards,