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I got my new TMT250 yesterday and have downloaded and installed the COM port driver and Configurator, as described in the manual.

When I try to connect the TMT250 to the compluter, it connects, but after a few seconds it disconnects. I have to reboot the TMT250 to connect again. But after some seconds it disconnects again. And this continues.

When the device connects I see that the firmware version is "55.01.02 Rev:01"

I have downloaded Teltonika.Configurator_1.6.11_R.30.exe, which is the latest. Maybe this is the wrong version of Configurator together with the firmware?

When I try to save a configuration file to the device, I get the error message:

"Failed to save configuration: Could not write to serial port - it is not connected"

When I try to update the firmware to FMB.Ver.55.01.02.Rev.01.e.xim, whis is the latest version, I get error message:

"Failed to update"

After it disconnects I get the following message when I try to see the device info:

"Failed to update device info. Failed to get info"

What can be wrong when I get these messages and the device always disconnects after a few seconds?

If I have wrong versions of the software I hope you will tell me where to find the correct versions.

Regards, HT

2 Answers

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Hello ht,

I see that you are using a compatible firmware version with the configurator. However, could you please clarify if this problem occurs only with this computer? Have you tried to connect the device to other ports on your computer?
How many TMT250 devices do you have?
Is this issue occurs with other devices?

Best regards,
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Had a similar issue myself where the device keep connecting and disconnecting from USB recurrently all the time and resulted I had a loose internal battery connection. Once I realized it was not well connected and corrected the issue, the PC USB connection remained stable.

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