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I m asking because I developed new special cable for it and connect both IOT and scooter then it gives error 23 .. Then I take the IOT out and change the original cabling then it still gives error 23..

what was the problem and how to fix it?

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I have checked it out and I can see that the error 23 description is as follows:

  • Built-in battery is in default serial number, please replace the battery.
As mentioned in the description, you would have to replace the battery in order to resolve this issue.
I have solved it see how: Buy stLink v2 and teardown your segway max g30 , take out battery and find BMS card. Then you can see 4 programming end or pin  on it .. use 4 small cable and solder it and use (RST, GND, SWIM ve 3.3V) .. use st Visual Programmer tool and find serial number.. Because under this circumstances it has been changed to default serial like 3GA0016A1A0001 and you have to change it to original serial just like on your battery so by using st visual programmer you can find and change serial.. Thats all.. you can see that your scooter will not give and error like error 23.. :) You dont have to buy new battery so it is so expensive .. it is saying you have to change battery cause it is difficult to fix this error but it is not !