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I use multiple TMT250 trackers for tracking participants during races. Trackers are all equal (latest version) FW, configuration (freq 5 sec, real-time) and at same location attached to the boat. What I see is that at every race some trackers, under exactly the same conditions, do not register all the coordinates. These skip entire sections! (see picture).

In the data, the tracker stops (generate event 240) and starts up again later, while the boat is moving (speed appr. 7-9 km/h). Why then generate stop???

The other trackers are doing well. When compared with data from trackers that do well, there is no difference in data. Only no data in database for this period. This are not the same trackers that do this every time! I don't see any pattern in this.

Does anyone have an idea what this could be?

Hello Teltonika, can you look into this please.

The boat's movement is most likely smooth enough to distinguish the real movement from the small vibrations (false) detected by the accelerometer. The first step is to reduce the motion start detection timing (setparam 19001:1) while increasing the stop detection duration (setparam 19002:300).

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I did some testing with these settings in a few races. It seems to work smiley

All GPS trackers send good data now.


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Most likely, the boats movement is smooth enough to separate the actual movement from the short vibrations (fake) through the accelerometer. 

The first thing to do - is to decrease the motion start detection timer (setparam 19001:1) and increase the stop detection time (setparam 19002:300).

Also, please, disable sleeps mode if its enabled now.

Additionally, we recommend disabling the static navigation filter (if the previous step did not work): setparam 106:0

These recommendations were made only based on your screenshots and a short description of the problem. For a more detailed analysis, additional information is required. If these recommendations do not help you, please write again.

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Hello Maksim,

Thanks for your sugestions. I changed config as you suggested and did some tests (due to corona not possible on a boat) with old and new configuration on different GPS trackers.

Results so far, the data is improved, much less dips on all GPS trackers when I use your suggestions for the settings.

Many thanks so far, I'm continuing testing.