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I'm developing a generic parser the Teltonika IoT protocols and I've got some doubts regarding the information provided in the AVL ID list.

1) AVL 1121 is a boolean but takes 2 bytes, is this correct?
I ask this because the rest of booleans only take 1 byte.

2) AVL 852 appears twice, I suspect the second one is 853 "Warning Short Circuit".

3) FLEX I/O elements section is almost empty and requires minimal explanation.

4) RS485 communication section also lacks part of the documentation.
AVL 861 requires explanation, and maybe the meaning is realtime/old update.
AVL 864 requires minimal doc because other similar flags have opposite meanings.

5) AVL 841 and 842 have unit mV but they're booleans.
The description explains the origin of that unit, but it's still not accurate because the value is not numeric.

6) AVL 390 I suspect it's type: unsigned and not hex.

Thanks in advance.


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