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Hi All,

I'm new to GH5200 (latest firmware 55.01.02 Rev 01), I knew it supports Heart Rate Alert but unfortunately, it supports Xiaomi Mi Band 2 which is a very old model, currently, the model is already Xiaomi Mi Band 6, so it is 4 level differences since it's the latest model so I think it should also compatible with it.

I set the Bluetooth mac-address of Xiaomi Mi Band 6:

Bluetooth MAC Address is: C1070D0A1520

Scan Period: 600

Xiaomi Timezone: UTC +0

Min heart rate (bpm) 80

Max heart rate (bpm) 130

I use GPSWox to create events and alerts, based on this wiki (, I use io403 with a condition value < 80

I try to check my heart rate with the Xiaomi mi band 6 and the result is 75 bpm, but it doesn't fire the event.

what I have missed?, btw, I also don't know how to investigate if GH5200 is already connected with the Xiaomi Mi Band 6 or not

Please help

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Hello! Unfortunately, we didnt implement and didnt test mi6 watch.

Between this models may present difference in BT protocol, UUID addresses and etc

You can check the LOG file from GH5200 (via configuration tool), and when connection is installed between GH and Mi, you receive next messages:

[2021.11.03 08:56:49]-[BLE.Xiaomi.Band] Successfully connected to target: C1070D0A1520

and all info about Mi you can see in the headers [2021.11.03 08:56:49]-[BLE.Xiaomi.Band] ...