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Salve il TFT100 si puo' montare su una e-bike con motore Bafang,se si potete inviarmi la schema di collegamento elettrico


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The TFT100 is a device with manual configuration of digital data exchange interfaces. There are modifications of CAN, UART, RS232, RS485.

First, you need to figure out which interface is used on bafang.

Next, find out from the bafang manufacturer what data can be read from the data bus, and which commands can be sent to the ebike main controller, as well as available connection locations.

For example, we can assume that the bafang uses the CAN interface and there is a key lock for starting the bike:

1. Connect the power (+/-) to the device from the main power cable (which comes from the main battery of the bike).

2. Using the TFT100's DOUT, we can turn the bike on/off (parallel to the ignition lock. In more cases need use relay).

3. Connect to the CAN bus. In the device, you can manually specify which CAN IDs (or SPN/PNG) need to be read from the can bus and which commands can be sent to the controller in CAN.

For more information about setting up and using the CAN bus, follow the link:

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ok grazie per l'informazione ,buon lavoro

anche io sto affrontando lo stesso problema non so come risolverlo mobdro app

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anche io sto riscontrando lo stesso problema.

se hai risolto mi potresti dire come hai fatto ?