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Hello, i have a tavl server which is use for receive tcp message from FM1204, FMB200, FMB920.

i buy 5 TAT100 but i cannot receive message from the module, cannot decode the frame.

what is the codec use with TAT100? Codec8? thanks


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If you want to receive data from TAT100 to TAVL server, they need to be added to the platform, but unfortunately, TAVL server is end of life and end of support product so it cannot be done anymore.

More about no longer available products you can read: https://teltonika-gps.com/policies-certificates/eol-policy/.

Regarding the TAT100 communication, it uses a Codec8 Extended protocol.

Bast Regards,

Hello, i have my own tavl server (not teltonika one ;-) ) with a .net library that teltonika send me some years ago, and i think this library does not support codec 8 extended :)

i'll try the solution of Simonas and put the setparam 113:0; for tryin in codec8

thanks a lot

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Dear Joffrey,

In case you want to switch protocol to Codec 8, you are able to do so by sending SMS/GPRS message (without quotation marks):

'  setparam 113:0;'

If you do not have SMS login and password set, place two space symbols before entering the command.

If you have configured SMS login and password, the composition is – login password setparam 113:0;

Kind regards,

Hello Simonas,


i'll try and tell you:)

thanks a lot