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I have been working with GPS Trackers over a decade and currently am developing an application for person/al trackers TMT250. As we all know person trackers have power limited by the battery and the main challenge is to find a good profile for a full day.

All employees I am currently tracking have the same working hours 7-16 or with a buffer (drive to work and back) it could be 6-18. Many of them load their trackers in the private car and I would like to avoid private tracking.

For a long time I have a feature in mind: calendar functionality configured with unix time syntax

The idea is to restrict the tracking to actual working hours. With the unix time syntax you could define "workdays from 6-18" which would put the tracker to sleep during private time. I believe that it would be doable and many people would appreciate this feature. The existing toggle for move/stop is useful for working hours, but not enough to save energy over the weekend, or vacation.

Maybe you could give it some thought!

Thanks, Kristof
I know that my proposal is quite challenging to implement, so I want to simplify the requirement for a first implementation step:

For my use case it would already be helpful, if the TMT Tracker could sleep for half a day - every day.

It would save about 50% of energy, if you could configure only the working hours 6-18 for every day.

Then I would have a good profile to run a full working week of 5 or 6 days

and simplify the loading intervals for the workers to the weekend.

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Dear Kristof,

Great solution proposal and we love that you reached out to us about this.
I will relay this message to the appropriate department to take a look at.

Thank you for your time!

Best regards,

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