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Hello Forum,

i bought a gh5200 as a kid.tracker for my 6yearold who is going to scholl alone at the end of this summer.

I think its a great plattform, its simple, its not a toy, it has lasting battery and some things allready work properly, here is what i got programmed so far: 

  • my son can call mom, dad and grandpa (longpress on 1 or 2 or 3) 
  • he can raise an alarm (longpress on !) 
  • and can accept calls from the ones mentioned above (onepress on any key)

for the alarm i already build a costum message: %gmap Battery %io50690 Last Fix (UTC) %fixtime  %fixdate Cell %cel

Here  is what I struggle with:

  • if I send the command ggps i sometimes get a valid gmaps link, but sometimes i just get the answer "No gps signal"
    • In case no gps signal is available I need the device to send the last fix and the time it occured
      • i know i can use the command getgps this would send the last location but its not a gmaps link and therefore cumbersome to work with
      • best solution: if any known sumber sends any sms which does not contain a valid command it is replyed to with the Message:  %gmap Battery %io50690 Last Fix (UTC) %fixtime  %fixdate Cell %cel
      •  2nd best solution a custom comand is implemenmted to get the message:  %gmap Battery %io50690 Last Fix (UTC) %fixtime  %fixdate Cell %cel
  • I want a scheduled report
    • at a predifined time the device should send a message containing latest position and battery-levels  

does anyone have any idea hwo to get the custom reply or the scheduled sms? 



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Thank you for reaching out to us.

Regarding custom commands, unfortunately it is not possible. At the moment it is possible to customize the SMS text, which after performing a certain action (in your case Alarm button) sends a custom SMS message.

Scheduled SMS report is a great idea, I will relay this message to the appropriate department to take a look at, thank you!

Best regards,