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TFT100 AVL ID List

According to the TFT100 AVL ID List, the parameters for x, y, and z axes have a minimum value of -8000 mG and a maximum of 8000 mG.

However, when I obtain the system values, ​​I obtain values ​​from 0 to 65535 mG.

I need to identify harsh accelerations, harsh braking and harsh turns.

What is the algorithm that I have to use to obtain the values ​​that appear in the AVL ID List?

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For transforming values you must use "two‘s complement arithmetic". The logic of this method is as follows:

All values in HEX from 00 00 to 7F FF - is positive values. This values you must use only with HEX->DEC convertation without any other math.

All values from 80 00 to FFFF - is negative values. This values you must use with HEX->DEC convertation and must make next calculation X - 65536

For example, you receive AVL value of Y-position = FF F9 (more than 7FFF)

1 step: FF F9 (hex) -> 65529 (dec)

2 step: 65529 - 65536 = -7

3 step: According to AVL description, multiplier is 0.001. -7 * 0.001 = -0.007