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I have a  device TFT100, and I am trying to get data with CAN port (ODB2), but the device does not detect CAN.

Do I need an accessory like CAN-CONTROL?

Or should I be able to communicate directly? I'm using this wiring scheme: https://wiki.teltonika-mobility.com/view/File:TFT100-CAN-PINOUT-v2.png


2 Answers

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1. Check please your modification of TST100 (must be CAN);

2. On the settings in CAN section select protocol-type of your can-bus line. If your object work on the J1939 protocol - select this. If your object work on the other type of the can messages (Special IDs) - please, select "Manual CAN" and input ID values and Data Mask, which you need read from the can-bus. Do not forget about right speed of the can-bus line.

More info about Manual CAN you can get from the wiki: https://wiki.teltonika-mobility.com/view/TFT100_Manual_CAN_settings

TFT100 be able to communicate directly with CAN-Line.

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1. Please double-check your TST100 modification (it must be CAN)

2. Choose the protocol type for your can-bus line from the settings in the CAN section. Choose this if your object uses the J1939 protocol. If your device works with Special IDs, please choose "Manual CAN" and enter the ID values and Data Mask that you need to read from the can-bus. Do not overlook the can-bus line's proper speed.  basketball stars


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