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I assume that the non-rechargeable battery is not discharged when the switch is off (left) and the TAT100 is connected with USB. (I get two green lights in that situation).

Can someone please confirm that and maybe provide a link to the documentation?

The Wiki is just not easy to search. If there was a giant PDF with everything in it I could search 10x faster.


EDIT: Sorry I did not see this before (from


Device usage with USB cable

In order to prevent device battery from running out of power, make sure USB cable is not connected, while testing the device.

Continuous use of device, while connected to the USB cable will result in faster battery drain.


Question: Can I test the TAT100 without draining the battery?

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Dear Tempo,

The best way to use TAT100 is to configure using the USB cable and test the device disconnected from USB to avoid battery power drain.

Always test the device disconnected from the USB in order for it to enter the sleep mode and work as intended. Otherwise when device is connected to USB, it is always awake.

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