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is there any way to , activate Buzzer alarm via Tcp or SMS command.

the senario is to notify user is a dangerous situation/area.

thank you

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Dear barigo,

It is possible to change the vibration using SMS/GPRS commands. However, it is only possible to activate the indications together with scenarios, there is no command, where upon sending it activates a one time buzzer. 

We provide a parameter list of IDs and Values and their meanings:

In order to set parameters of the device, setparam command must be used, full SMS/GPRS commands list can be found here:

Example of the SMS/GPRS command:

setparam 14320:1;14322:1;14323:1; (If the command is sent as an SMS and no SMS login and password had been set, then two space symbols must be placed before entering the command)

Example of Codec12 command:


14320:1; - Enables the ManDown indication scenario

14322:1; - Turns on Battery Green LED

14323:1; - Enables Vibration only

More information on how to send Codec12 commands can be found in the links below:

More information on Codec12 protocol:

Best regards,