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I seem unable to get TMT250 to respond to SMS commands. The Configurator shows every SMS as received, but there’s no response (e.g. to getgps). If Incoming Call Action is set to report position, I do receive a text with the position.

The terminal log shows:

[date/time]-[SMS.PRS] ERROR @ m2m_sms_cmd_handler.c(243):Wrong User Login or Password!

[date/time]-[MOD.TSK] WARNING @ 198:SMS Cmd Not Found!

It does not matter what login and password I use, or if the SMS commands starts with two spaces in case of no login/password. Authorised number entered or not makes no difference either.

Can anyone please help me see where I’m going wrong? I’d just love to enable on demand tracking but with no response to SMS commands it is impossible to achieve.

Thank you very much


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Problem solved: the trick was not to use Unicode coding of SMS messages. Even if there were no funny characters in the message, it was still apparently coded in way that's incomprehensible for the tracker at the receiving end.
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