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We want to do rental on our electric bikes with your IOT TST100 and Solebe electric lock.

We bought two of your devices, and a BT lock. We can connect TST100 and BT lock, in the configuration app, we can press the button to connect and unlock, and BT lock is unlocked.

So, in the next step, we want to test how it works over the Internet. We inserted a SIM card to the device, configured GPRS in the configuration.

Question: how can we test the unlock command in the mobile application and/or on the website?

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Hello Roman,

You are able to send an SMS command btlock_unlock for BT lock.

SMS command structure:

<SMS login><space><SMS password><space><command><space><value>

SMS command btlock_unlock example:

  • If you have set SMS login and password: login pass btlock_unlock
  • If SMS login and password are not set leave two spaces before command:   btlock_unlock

Best regards,


Yes, i know. But my Question about test via internet command (mobile app or website). Do you have something for testing?

For testing purposes I suggest to use Hercules software.

Please check out our guide: Sending Codec12 commands using Hercules

Best regards,