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Thanks for reading.

I bought an RUT 955 to use on a Verizon network.  Obviously there are a pretty decent amount of settings in the 955 that may need to be set up correctly in order for it to work properly with their network.  I have spoke to Verizon several times about this and they have no idea.  To be fair, this is really (from their point of view anyways) way outside of their scope of support.  I don't need help configuring the device.  I simply need to know what the settings need to be to work properly with their network.  It is Mid-Ohio.  I could provide any specfic technical detail that is needed to resolve this.

But I was thinking that there might be a "cheat sheet" of settings somewhere that describes the handful of "important settings" to play around with as well as their likely proper selection for each carrier.  This is an awesome device, but without knowing what the proper settings are for a particular carrier, it really isn't worth owning. 

Can anyone help point me to where these settings might be?  (Please don't say "Ask Verizon" - They are like lost sheep on this stuff.)



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Dear MactheGeek,

Your request is related to RUT device and should be registered in another forum:

Please contact our colleagues at:

This forum is for SAS devices.



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