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Hello !

I have created a similar question ( few months ago. The conclusion was to use a load balancer (HAProxy) and use multiple servers. So, I am sorry about that. I expect I can ask this question here.

Thus, one more time, my subject will be about programming methods and not really about trackers.

Now, I know that there could be possible alternatives to manage more trackers and create a better server to recieve trackers data.

Context : Many months ago, I have created a server which recieve trackers data. It's working with TCP protocol.
In reality, I haven't really created a new one, but "just" converted the C# exemple code of Teltonika to Java and added custom functionnalities.

The server is using 1 thread for 1 connexion. And normally, the connexion is never cut between the server and the tracker.

Theses last months, I have learned limits when using this technique (1 thread for 1 connexion).

I have discovered that it was possible to just use 1 thread to handle multiple clients/trackers. And apparently, it seems to handle more trackers than using many threads.

So I have some questions about this technique.

Is it possible to implement this idea to Teltonika trackers (or TCP IoT in general) ?
I imagine that, if it is possible, I could keep TCP connection open and keep some trackers data like I do on each threads of my server ?

What do you think about this method ?

If you have questions, I will be glad to explain more in details.

Thanks a lot,

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I want to clarify - we can help you with devices themselves, but traffic load managing solutions from them is not what we do.

So I think the best way to get guidance would be communities like 'StackOverflow'.

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How many devices would you like to have on one or multiple servers, we already have a solution to connect multiple trackers 1000-10000 on a single server. But if required with a load balancer in between.

We sell subscriptions to devices on our platform. So I don't know your intentions.
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Hello !

I don't know why I haven't seen the answers here.

Thanks you for your answers.

With a lot of research, I have found a Java solution, Vert.x which is based on Netty (as Traccar).
It's quite easy to use it and well explained. It can help me doing our own tracking solution, with our own goals.

This is why I don't want to use the project of someone else even if it was an idea.

I expect this additional answer will help other Java developers to create their own powerful Teltonika server.

See you later,