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I am developer and need to send command to tracker device which is TMT250, I am trying but unable to fix it, When I send a command to tracker I get no response. Also I'm trying to use herclues utility but finding no way to move forward. Can anybody please help me out to fix this.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Hello,
  2. 1. First check your public IP by clicking the link: https://ping.eu/port-chk/
  3. 2. Check if your port is open
  4. 3. The principle how to do is to check your Public IP address, put it into configurator under GPRS -> Server Settings -> Domain section
  5. 4. Insert the PORT that is open with your IP address under configurator under GPRS -> Server Settings -> Port section
  6. 5. Save the changes to your device
  7. 6. On Hercules under TCP Server -> Port section enter the PORT that is open with your IP address, where it was done in the parts above, click Listen.
  8. 7. Here is an image of how to set up Hercules and send a HEX command getinfo.
  9. Do not enter the port that is shown in the image as it may be not open for you.
Best regards,