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in Smart Autonomous Solutions by
TMT250 on FW 55.00.07 Rev:02 current bugged on

Data Acquisition Mode > Vehicle Moving Mode > Min Period (id: 10050, 10150, 10250)

All three all parameter value cant be set to 3s or 30s. if 3s or 30s was set and save to device. once the device turn off /battery drained, the config will return to 300s (default value). other value that lower/higher than 3 or 30, example 2,5 or 29,31 wont trigger this bug.

currently using Configurator v1.5.15.17745, used as well Configurator v1.314.17853 (for TMT250, recommend by Teltonika wiki). the bug still occur in both version.

Please send us a solution for this bug or fix it as soon as possible.

Thank in advance.

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Thank you for reporting this issue. Information was provided to our programmers.

Best regards