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I am working with 2 GH5200 to a Social Distance solution , how i can check into the AVL packet , the id of the device that has been envolve into the social distance breach ? is there some alarmt that is sent?
Hi we have a fully working Covid19 GH5200 solution implemented in our dashboard.

Easy to configure for employees and a turn key solution to be used all over the world.

You can view the logging / alarms even we can send a push message to the users mobile when they are in each other proximity.

We are an integrator for Teltonika devices in the Netherlands.

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First of all, you need to set your GPRS settings so you can get the packets into your server. More information in the link below:


When personal zone is violated and pre-alarm is exceeded, proximity violation record and home zone alarm record will be generated. 

AVL ID 874 record describe the causes of violation: 

0 – No violation;

 2 - RSSI threshold proximity violation.

AVL ID 875 record represents device MAC address (in ASCII) which violates personal space.

Example of encoded HEX ASCII text: HEX: 44 35 41 34 31 42 38 42 31 30 37 35 HEX ASCII: D5A41B8B1075

AVL ID 890 is sent together with 875 and represents violation time in seconds.

AVL ID 891 is BLE MAC address of device. BLE MAC address can be seen in Teltonika Configurator I/O section. If BLE MAC is selected as [ LOW ] priority, it will be send with each data transmission. 

Detailed guide, latest firmware, latest configurator and pre-made configurations can be found in Teltonika Drive. You can get a link for it it by contacting your sales manager.

Best regards.