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Hi, we need to configure GH5200 to send alert or report alarm over TCP to the server. How can I configure the GSM or GPRS to send tcp alert?

We are using proximity firmware.
We have a turn key solution for the GH5200, we are an software integrator for Teltonika devices based in the Netherlands.

Please let us know what you need we can deliver this in our dashboard, easy to configure and maintain and you can get whatever alert you want.

sms, call, multiple phones called at ones (phone caroussel), IOS/Android pushmessage you name it.

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To send through data through GSM, you need to configure your APN, server Ip address and server port. Also choose TCP as protocol and acknowledgment type as AVL. Here is a link for more information:


If you want to get Proximity alerts you also have set Data Protocol as Codec 8 Extended in System panel.

Best regards.