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We are finding that we can only see 17 records of buffered data when the device goes out of signal.  Is this really the case?  Seems unusual - latest queclink devices are north of 10,000 with the older devices 3000.  We reguarly track at 60s intervals and trackers go in to locations with no mobile coverage and we are keen to see the route taken.  With 17 records = 17 minutes.

Look forward to hearing if this is really the case.


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Hello James,

All data is stored into 128MB flash memory and later can be transmitted via GPRS. ~300000 records can be saved depending on the configuration of the device.

For further analysis of the problem, please do the following:

Tell me what is the firmware and configurator version you are using?

Attach the configuration file of the device.

Also, a log file via terminal software when the issue occurs, would help to solve this issue.

Best regards.
Thanks for this - beginning to think its our listener as when using Flespi all of the data comes through, but our listener does not pick up the subsequent records.  Looking at this now to see if we can figure it out.. have to admit hard work, you guys don't make it easy.

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Hi perhaps not the good place for my questions, but is there a way to extract track recording by usb or blue tooth?

Is it a software or a method using Teltonika Configurator?

Thank you.

At the moment we cannot offer a solution to extract stored data i.e. offline data through USB or Bluetooth.

Your feedback has been taken and we will weigh to implement this feature in the future.

Best regards,