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Hi Everybody,

I'm playing with some TMT250 model, all with running latest firmware version 03.21.04.Rev.255 and configurator 1.3.14_C.060. I've noted that in configurator menu (data acquisition submenu) there is no information about the "on demand tracking" feature but I'm pretty sure that this function is present in devices; I'm able to turn it on this feature by sendig via gprs the correct command and check the correct reply from devices. There is any way to make visible this feature parameters in the configurator?

Thank You in advance!

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On Demand Tracking parameter is added in 1.5.0_C.007 configurator that is compatible with the latest 55.00.05.Rev.00 firmware.

Since we cannot share the firmware files in this forum, please contact your sales manager, he will provide you with all the necessary files.