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Hi everybody, 

Due to my fault I've wrongly flashed a TMT250 with a firmware FMB.Ver.03.25.15.Rev.01; now I'm not able to re-flash it again with the correct firmware FMB.Ver.03.21.04.Rev.255 'cause the Configurator_1.3.14_C.060 report a "not supported" device.

I've also used an old configurator v0.14.5.27701_C.052; in this case I'm able to access a limited menu with a firmware update option but trying to flash the firmware FMB.Ver.03.21.04.Rev.255 will report an "Firmware update failed. Unknown error". Did someone had the same problem and can help me to solve this matter? Did someone help me to find the old TMT250 firware 03.21.03.Rev.00 ?

Thank You in advance

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One of our technical support engineers contacted you via private messages to arrange a remote session.