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I'm searching for a personal tracker which is compliant to German Bundesnetzagentur forbidding ownership of GPS trackers having build-in microphones which can be activated from remote for any kind of audio surveillance. See press release as of April 5, 2018 (German only):

Does the personal tracker TMT250 contain a microphone which can be activated from remote for audio surveillance?

Thanks in advance for your answer!

Christian Paul

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TMT250 has an integrated microphone, however, as far as I understand it is compliant to German Bundesnetzagentur, because it is not possible to start an audio surveillance from remote side, unless TMT250 is paired with external Bluetooth hands free kit.

If TMT250 is not paired with external Bluetooth hands free kit, the only way to use the microphone is together with alarm or man-down features. It is possible to configure device to initiate a call in case one of above mentioned events occur.

You can find more on these two features at our wiki page:

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